"Along the tracks of Habsburgs and even more far..."

The Czech Republic has its south border with Austria. If you like to travel to see some monuments and unforgettable experience, Austria is the right destination for you. Join the Pentalog Tour TA and let's go to Vienna...

Vienna - an imposing city on the Danube River

Vienna, originally Vindobonna, was founded as a Roman military settlement in the 1st century of the modern era. Vienna reached its peak during the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy, when it became the capital city of the monarchy. After the fall of the monarchy, it became an independent federal state and at the same time the capital city of Austria. Some of the most important monuments are the Emperor's Schönbrunn family summer palace, St. Stephen's Cathedral, the Habsburg's Hofburg settlement castle and many others.

Vienna is also an important cultural city. The festivals of classical and modern music, exhibitions, views, and attractive events are regularly organized.

Vienna is a city worth visiting. Let's go for a trip to Vienna with the Pentalog Tour TA.

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