The Czech Republic

"Come to visit its most beautiful places with us"

The Czech Republic offers tourists many attractive places. Let's go see a few of them. You can organize trips on your own, or you can rely on our Pentalog Tour Travel Agency. Come visit a small county in the heart of Europe and learn about its cultural heritage...

  • Prague - the mother of cities with hundred spires

    The capital city of the CR offers a high concentration of sights and other attractions. Its historical center forms part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage, and it is one of the best preserved medieval cities of Europe. The Pentalog Tour Travel Agency would also like to invite you for a few theme trips to Prague. We offer:

    Choose from the following themed excursions:

    • Classical Prague - a trip including the most important sights
    • Prague on waves - a city tour from river boats, sights
    • Jewish Prague - the Jewish history of the city and Jewish sights
    • Prague ZOO - a trip suitable for parents with children, zoological and botanical gardens
    • Evening Prague from a steamboat - The most wanted and the most beautiful voyage we offer. The price includes refreshments in the form of buffet tables, welcome drink, and live music. The three-hours voyage features all the important Prague's sights: the Prague castle, Charles Bridge, and the National Theater. All this creates an unforgettable atmosphere.
    • Afternoon Prague - a trip featuring all the most important sights with a dinner in the Strahov Monastery, without any of the interruptions of your therapeutic procedures.
    • Prague + Křižík's Fountain - an afternoon visit to sights and the unique Křižík's Fountain
    • Shopping Tour Praha - a little bit different of a trip … for world fashion brands
  • Český Krumlov

    Český Krumlov is another city belonging on the list of UNESCO municipal monument reservations. The renaissance castle and chateau from the 13th century dominate the town. The chateau features a gorgeous garden with a revolving auditorium. The magical town invites us to visit many galleries, museums, and shops.

  • Kutná Hora

    The historical center of Kutná Hora belongs to the UNESCO world heritage. It also contains two important church monuments: The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, and the St. Barbara Church. There is also a unique charnel house. The silver mining, which made Kutná Hora the second most important town of the Kingdom in medieval ages, is nowadays only commemorated by a museum.

  • The Konopiště Chateau

    The chateau was founded in the 13th century. Only the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria remodeled it into its existing form, creating a representative Emperor's seat of it. Besides charming representative halls, one can also find a magnificent collection of weapons and statutes of St. George here.

  • Loket

    This small West-Bohemian town with a charming historical zone and ancient stone castle from the 12th century lies close to Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad). In nice weather, you can walk here along the Svatošské rocks. The Pentalog Tour TA also organizes trips to Loket.

    • The Loket Castle - the trip includes a visit of the castle, dungeon, and porcelain exhibition.
  • The Kynžvart Chateau

    The chateau features precious artistic collections of porcelain, weapons, and peculiarities collected by the Austrian chancellor, Metternich. If you decide to visit the chateau with the Pentalog Tour TA, you will enjoy a tour through the Protected Landscape Area Slavkovský les.

  • The chateau and brewery of Chyše

    The village of Chyše lies approximately 40 kilometers of Karlovy Vary in the direction of Prague. The main decoration of the community is its chateau, the seat of the Lažansky House. History lovers can take a chateau tour that comprises three parts: chateau interiors, chateau cellars, and an exposure covering Karel Čapek's stay at this castle in 1917. Romantics are strongly recommended to go for a stroll in the chateau park. Gourmets should not miss the chateau restaurant and beer lovers should pay visit the chateau brewery where they can enjoy beer tasting. The beer of Chyše is brewed according to old Bohemian recipes, using prime quality Bohemian and Moravian malts, Žatec hops, and natural sparkling water from the Doupovske Mountains. The local brewery produces three kinds of yeast beer 'Prokop' (light, amber and lager), each of them being available on tap or bottled. The bottled beer can be bought in an exclusive gift package.

  • Mariánské Lázně (Marienbad) - one of the peaks of the spa triangle

    Mariánské lázně (Marienbad) is the youngest spa in the Czech Republic. Besides the spa treatment, the town features a few important sights - colonnades, spa buildings, a singing fountain, and an orthodox church. Choose one of these trips with the Pentalog Tour TA.

    • Evening Mariánské lázně (Marienbad) - an evening visit of the town and, in the season, the singing fountain show.
    • Mariánské lázně (Marienbad) + Chodovar - town sight-seeing, in some seasons the singing fountain show, and, as a pleasant ending, beer specialties in the unusual environment of the nearby "Ve skále" ("In a rock") restaurant.
    • Mariánské lázně (Marienbad) + Teplá Monastery - sight-seeing of the town and of the nearby Premonstratensian Monastery
  • Františkovy lázně (Franzensbad) - in honor of the Emperor

    Another of the peaks of the spa triangle was named after the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I. and again, the Pentalog Tour TA invites you to enjoy the sight-seeing of this calm spa town.

    • Františkovy lázně (Franzensbad) + Cheb - sight-seeing of the historical part of both West-Bohemian towns
    • Františkovy lázně + Mostov Chateau - sight-seeing of Františkovy lázně follows after the visit of the family seat of the Baron Haase von Hasenfels and a sale exhibition of porcelain
  • Plzeň (Pilsen)

    The metropolis of West Bohemia is famous mainly due to brewing beer and machinery production. Besides the brewery, do not forget to come see the Náměstí republiky, dominated by the St. Bartholomew Church.

    • Pilsner's brewery + Kozel Chateau - Pentalog Tour TA organizes a trip to Pilsen connected with a visit to the close chateau

Also visit other Czech sights. If you are interested in some of the trips, contact the hotel concierge, who is in cooperation with the Pentalog Tour Travel Agency which organizes trips to, besides the places already mentioned, other important places in the Czech Republic as well as inside the borders of Germany and Austria.

Accommodation and other services may be booked online. If you have any questions or special wishes, do not hesitate to contact us.