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  • 1.What is the most suitable length of a spa stay?

    Scientifically and also a tradition, the optimum time of treatment is 21 days. Of course, you can come for a shorter time period, however, remember that under 14 days, the efficiency of the spa treatment drops quickly.

  • 2. Do I have to bring my disease history and documentation from my physician with me?

    It is suitable to bring the documentation showing disease history, but it is not a necessary condition. However, do not forget to bring the medicines you use, so they can last throughout the entire stay.

  • 3. What diseases are treated in Karlovy Vary?

    The spa care in Karlovy Vary specializes in diseases of the digestive tract, metabolism illnesses, locomotive organs diseases, nervous diseases and oncologic diseases.

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  • 4. What are the contraindications of the Karlovy Vary spa treatment?

    A spa treatment, like other therapeutic procedures, can have a rather negative influence on some diseases. Generally, one can say that this applies in case of Karlovy Vary to the following:

    • Acute infection and transmissible diseases,
    • Epilepsy,
    • Dependency on alcohol,
    • Dependency on addictive drugs,
    • Pregnancy,
    • Hemophilic conditions,
    • Serious mental disorders,
    • Parasite diseases,
    • Clinical signs of circulatory failure,
    • Conditions following a deep venous thrombosis; conditions following superficial thrombophlebitis,
    • Cachexia of diverse etiology,
    • Malignant tumors,
    • Urinary and fecal incontinence.
  • 5. Can I come for treatment with children?

    Of course you can bring children. Children up to 15 years of age will be examined by a contractual pediatrician, and the results will determine the possible treatment.

  • 6. Do you offer outpatient treatment?

    To maximize the effect of the spa treatment, a few important factors must be combined. Connection of the physically-therapeutic, pharmacological, diet, and neuropsychic stimuli allows a higher level of treatment to be efficiently adjusted to the patient's condition during a spa treatment, and therefore allow more efficient prevention. We provide outpatient treatment.

  • 7. How varied is the spa diet?

    Our diet specialists and chefs prepare a wide selection of meals within the diets which are necessary for your treatment. You can choose from this selection. Besides full boarding, you can, of course, opt for half boarding.

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  • 8. How should I drink the mineral water?

    Regularity is important. The physician will prescribe the springs you should be drinking from and also the amount and time of drinking.

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  • 9. Can I choose the spa procedures myself?

    The physician will prescribe the procedures which will have the maximum beneficial effect for you. Of course, we offer many additional procedures which can complete your treatment. However, when combining procedures, certain rules apply. Therefore, you must always consult with your physician.

  • 10. For how long will I see the positive effects of the spa treatment?

    If you undergo a spa treatment at least 21 days long and if you also abide by the physician's instructions after completing the treatment, you will be able to see the positive results of the treatment for half a year to one year. In case of many diseases, it is recommended to repeat the spa treatment. We do not recommend repeating the treatment earlier than half a year and later than one year. Consult the suitable time for repeated treatment with your spa physician.

  • 11. Can a stay by the sea replace the spa treatment?

    The advantage of a spa stay is that with comparable prices, you will get incomparably better complex care under the supervision of physicians. Also, there is no stress related to long travel, acclimatization, unsuitable or bad diet, and accommodation. But there is certainly nothing against a vacation abroad - those who are not sick should alternate these forms of relax.

  • 12. How should I dress for various occasions during the spa stay?

    In the balneology facility, between procedures, you can wear sporty, casual outfits. For the canteen and restaurants, we recommend casual dress, pants for men.

  • 13. What currency should I bring for cash payments?

    The national currency in the Czech Republic is the Czech crown (CZK); however, in the majority of shops and restaurants, you can pay with EURO and USD.

  • 14. How long does the flight take?

    How long does the flight take?
    Karlovy Vary - Moscow: 2 hrs 35 minutes
    Prague - New York: 8 hrs 10 minutes
    Prague - Paris: 1 hr 50 minutes
    Prague - Rome: 1 hr 50 minutes
    Prague - Frankfurt: 1 hr 50 minutes
    Prague - London: 2 hrs
  • 15. is the time difference?

    is the time difference?
    Moscow - Karlovy Vary: -2 hrs
    Perm - Karlovy Vary: -4 hrs
    Omsk - Karlovy Vary: -5 hrs
    London - Karlovy Vary: +1 hrs
    New York - Karlovy Vary: +6 hrs
    Los Angeles - Karlovy Vary: +9 hrs
    Tokyo - Karlovy Vary: -7 hrs
    Sydney - Karlovy Vary: -8 hrs
  • 16. Can I bring my dog or cat?

    Of course you can, but this service is paid; the prices are stated in the individual pricelists. You should also inform hotel reception about the accommodation with your pet in advance. Please be aware of the legal regulations for travelling with pets abroad. Pursuant to existing laws, you must have the EURO passport with confirmation of vaccination for your pet.

  • 17. What are the communication options (internet, cell phones, phone cards)?

    Internet access is in the internet cafes at the individual hotels; some of the rooms offer the option to connect from your own laptop. As a standard, you can call directly from your room. You can also buy a SIM card for some of the Czech providers for your cell phone. You can also buy a phone card to call from a phone booth in the land network.

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