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Cooperation of accredited spa organizations providing contributory and comprehensive spa care. The goal of the association is to control the quality of services in the spa sector in the territory of the Karlovy Vary Region, promotion of quality services and marketing use of the membership in the Association individually and jointly by the members of the Association.



  • Associates accredited spa organisations which are legal entities
  • controls compliance with membership conditions
  • provides members with official verification of the quality level in relation to the CIL of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, ZP of the Czech Republic, ZP of the EU, travel agencies and individual persons interested in spa treatment
  • informs about quality accredited spas on the websites of institutions including the Karlovy Vary Region
  • prepares and implements the design of the external identification of members (emblem, logo, etc.)
  • communicates with the Czech Health Insurance Fund on the topic of compliance with the quality of spa treatment
  • specifies membership conditions according to the development of the Czech and EU legislation
  • cooperates with the SLL CR and SLM CR as well as directly or indirectly with the EHV (ESPA), the EU body and other appropriate partners
  • organises general voluntary membership
  • members of the association are organisations providing contributory and complex spa treatment
  • In the case of spa facilities providing complex spa care, the members of the association are legal entities that meet the classification of accommodation facilities according to the official NFHR Czech Republic - HOREKA methodology in standard *** and higher. In the case of providing catering services, compliance with the HACCAP principles is necessary.
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