Respiratory spa care

Take a breath again! Respiratory diseases, a very current topic. We are here for you and we can relieve you of persistent problems.


This unique treatment was developed on the basis of our many years of experience in the field of spa and physiotherapy. Thanks to special technology, our qualified medical staff will help you relax your breathing muscles and teach you the right breathing technique. With suitable spa procedures, we will support your natural immunity and relieve you of the feeling of fatigue. In October 2020, we were headed by MUDr. The Franks conducted an internal study on a carefully selected group of clients with respiratory illness (COVID-19). The study showed that during a relatively short treatment, we achieved a significant improvement in the patient's health, both measurable and subjective. Thanks to the acquired knowledge, we have prepared the most effective therapy that will help you with convalescence and get you back in shape.


  • accommodation (min. 6 nights, we recommend 12 nights)
  • half board (with the option to purchase full board)
  • possibility of consultation with a nutritional therapist
  • individual initial and final medical examination
  • 30-day probiotic treatment intended for patients who have suffered from respiratory diseases (RNDr. Ryšávka, Brno University Hospital)
  • min. 4 procedures / day as recommended by a doctor
  • vitamin treatment in the form of food supplements and infusions of Vitamin C
  • 1.5 l of Magnesia mineral water daily
  • at the end of the stay a 14-day individual rehabilitation plan
  • access to the wellness center (swimming pool, sauna, whirlpool)