What determines quality of a spa treatment?

You are surely asking yourself how to discover the quality of a therapeutic facility, its treatment possibilities, and the quality level of its services. We offer a list of a few basic parameters which can guide you through the extensive and confusing variety of competitive treating facilities. At the same time, we guarantee that the recommendations stated below are an obligation which implicitly applies for the Imperial Group, and for the Hotel Imperial and Spa Resort Sanssouci.

  • Curative plan

    The curative plan is the most important parameter of the treatment quality. It should always contain an entry and exit examination by a specialist. Continuous examinations are also common. Based on the entry examination and the information the patient brings with him/her regarding his/her health issues, the physician determines a specific curative plan. It should contain 2 - 3 procedures a day (less procedures are prescribed by a physician in case of serious conditions, but sometimes it shows an insufficient capacity of the facility, as more can be too much of a burden for your body), of which 3 applications of a natural curative source per week. Therapy is typically applied 6, or less commonly, 7 days a week.

  • Number of patients for one physician

    To allow a physician to fully concentrate on the preparation of your curative plan and your treatment, he/she must not be overwhelmed with too many patients. 60 - 80 patients per one physician is considered an optimal amount.

  • Expert knowledge of the health care personnel

    A quality facility should have a sufficient number of permanent physicians with qualification for spa treatments, and also qualified head and department nurses, one massage therapist for each 50 patients and at least one physiotherapist for each 100 patients. Balneology facilities should have college educated spa and other employees.

  • Expert medical supervision

    A medical facility must have non-stop medical supervision - night nurses.

  • Equipment of a balneology facility with natural sources

    A balneology facility must have a natural spring source in the facility. You do not have to travel to a spa for baths in normal, or even treated water.

  • Laboratory options

    A medical facility should have its own laboratory, or a sample room equipped for taking all types of samples and processing the basic examinations. It should be able to ensure further specialized examinations by an accredited laboratory.

  • Diet composition

    Due to the illnesses treated in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), each facility should be able to offer a selection of at least three meals for each of the following diets: 2 - sparse, 3 - rationalized, 4 - sparse with reduced fat, 7 - low cholesterol, 8 - reduction, 9 - diabetes with various grams of carbs.

  • Language skills of personnel

    It is necessary that physicians can communicate with patients in English, German, and Russian. Similar language skills are also expected from health care and other personnel. The Hotel Imperial also provides interpreting services from French, Italian, and Arabic.

  • Pool

    For the treatment of locomotive organs, it is crucial that a medical facility has its own pool.

  • Sport-relaxing facilities

    An inevitable curative supplement is to ensure options for leisure time outside of the treatment. Each facility should be able to offer sport and other alternatives. Of course, it is very appropriate to offer its own equipment for spending the leisure time.

  • Certification of medical activities

    Each facility which offers treatment must posses a state license to practice medial activities. One of the conditions for issuing this license is, besides others, to employ a physician with the appropriate experience - a full time expert guarantee.

  • Additional physician services

    The existing spa facilities also offer physician services above the framework of the treatment itself as a standard. The services can include, for example, basic diagnostic examinations (EKG, sonography, ergometry, etc.) or other physician services, such as neurology, dermatology, applied acupuncture, contractually based services such as plastic surgery, dentistry, gynecology, etc.

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