Spa & Wellness Center in the Hotel Imperial

The Hotel Imperial has a Spa & Wellness center which ranks it among the superior spa hotels in the Czech Republic, which is evidenced by a number of prestigious awards. Guests can choose from 100 medical procedures on the hotel premises spanning 1,600 m2.

The Ultimate Spa HotelFacts speak volumes

  • A multiple-time winner of the „Czech Republic’s
    Leading Spa Resort“
  • Spa & Wellness area:
    1.600 m2
  • Every day an average amount of 10,500 liters
    of mineral water
    are used for therapeutic purposes
  • 24-hour nurse service
  • Over 50 medical and paramedical employees
    work at the Spa & Wellness center
  • Mineral water mains are led
    directly into the hotel
  • We can provide your with more than
    100 medical procedures

The Hotel Imperial specializes in the provision of complex spa care which exploits the effects of local natural resources which are complemented with physiotherapy, mobility exercises, health care education, healthy-diet catering and a host of special therapeutic and wellness programs and additional services. The spa treatment provided in Karlovy Vary focuses mainly on gastrointestinal tract diseases, locomotor disorders and metabolic problems.

One of the essential natural resources is Karlovy Vary mineral water whose quality and compositions has been the same for centuries and which issues from numerous springs of which 15 are fully accessible.

The water of the well-known Hot Spring (Vřídlo) can be used and enjoyed directly in the Hotel Imperial. The spring is cooled down to 50°C and the guests can use it for their drinking cure. The spring outlet is found on the top floor of the hotel hall. Because the spring water is used mainly for therapeutic procedures, its daily average volume used in the hotel is 10,500 liters, which represents approx. 21 % of the total daily intake of mineral water in Karlovy Vary. The other important resources integrated in our procedures are peloids and curative gas (carbon dioxide).

Excellent, personalized customer care

Our staff provides guests with highly professional services and individualized approach, which makes a major contribution to the superb results of our complex spa treatment. The Spa & Wellness center is attended 50 medical and paramedical professionals who engage in continual education and improvement of therapeutic methods. If need be, our nurses are here to help our guests 24 hours a day.

The current health care professionals working at the Hotel Imperial:

  • 7 physicians
  • 13 registered nurses
  • 1 dietary therapist
  • 6 physio therapists
  • 8 masseurs
  • 14 spa employees
  • 3 swimming pool life guards

The Hotel’s Imperial physicians are certified in the following medical specialities: internal medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, balneology, neurology, pediatric neurology, surgery, gastroenterology, and diagnostic sonography.

Our hotel cooperates with the following external medical personnel: cardiologist, dermatologist, psychiatrist, acupuncture specialist, plastic surgeon, urologist, dentists and ear, nose and throat specialist.

Swimming Pool Area

The Hotel’s Imperial guests can use a 15 m x 8.5 m pool, which runs 1.3 - 1.6 m deep. The pool complex also includes water attractions, such as water spouts, air and massaging nozzles. The water in the pool does not contain any mineral water and its temperature is kept at 28°C. the pool complex further offers a sauna and a whirlpool.

Opening hours

Swimming pool

Monday – Friday

07:00 – 09:00, 12:00 – 22:00

Saturday – Sunday

09:00 – 22:00


Monday – Saturday

15:00 – 22:00


9:00 – 22:00


Monday – Friday

12:00 – 22:00

Saturday – Sunday

9:00 – 22:00

Memberships and awards

The Hotel Imperial was one of the first hotels to be accredited by the Medispa association which supervises the quality and reputation of the spa care providing in the Karlovy Vary region.

The Hotel Imperial has received several Czech Republic’s Leading Spa Resort awards in the World Travel Awards program. It holds the Best Selling Hotel in Karlovy Vary award and the Certificate of Excellence. It belongs to the hotels endorsed on the top travel portal Here you can see all of the hotel’s awards and certificates.

The association follows this motto

The best spa care with the guaranteed quality of spa services in the Czech Republic.

If you are seriously considering a therapeutic or preventive program, trust the experience and dedication those who are the best in their field – choose the Hotel Imperial. We are ready to provide you with first-class spa care that has been tested by centuries of tradition and that is continually enriched with the latest findings and methods in medicine.

Accommodation and other services may be booked online. If you have any questions or special wishes, do not hesitate to contact us.