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"Complex Karlovy Vary spa treatment in the Hotel Imperial"

Hotel Imperial is one of the top spa facilities providing complex spa care of the highest quality. It combines traditional procedures with modern trends in spa treatment. The excellent long term results from spa therapy achieved by Hotel Imperial are mainly brought by the highly qualified personnel, professional approach, and long-term and active interest in the topic the new age balneology.

The traditional Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) spa treatment is based on the curative power of the local natural sources. Its most important part is the drinking cure. The water from the most potent spring in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) called Vřídlo (the Thermal Spring) is also used for baths etc. But there are other curative methods used for treatment...

The following procedures are a part of the complex spa treatment, using:

  • Natural therapeutic sources (thermal springs, gasses, peloids)
  • Physical and kinetic treatment
  • Health education
  • Heath food and eating habits
  • And many other supportive therapies

Hotel Imperial prepared the following spa stays for you:

Sleva 10 % na léčebné programy

Medical Spa "Premium"

To make the spa treatment maximally effective, it must take 14 days, or, on a physician's recommendation, even longer. The Medical Spa in Hotel Imperial includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Full boarding
  • Welcome drink
  • Entry, checkup, and leaving physician examination
  • Laboratory examination as recommended by the physician
  • possibility of dietary therapist advice
  • Drinking cure pursuant to physician's recommendation
  • Assistance of a nurse 24/7
  • up to 18 procedures in a week pursuant to a physician's recommendation
  • Free Internet WiFi
  • Free public transport bus ticket
  • Free entry to the pool, whirlpool, and sauna (evenings)
  • All taxes and fees related to your stay
Sleva 10 % na léčebné programy

Medical Spa „Premium Light“

Programme Premium can be booked with halfboard too.

Sleva 10 % na léčebné programy

Medical Spa "First Moment"

The "First Moment" offer applies only to reservations made at least 60 days prior to the arrival and to the stay lasting at least 12 nights, all this based on a non-refundable payment in the amount of 100 %, payable immediately at the moment of reservation.

Sleva 10 % na léčebné programy

Medical Spa "Long Stay"

With the "Long Stay" offer, you obtain complex spa treatment for a more favourable price. It can be used for spa stays of 18 nights or more.

Sleva 10 % na léčebné programy

Vital Spa

Treatment stay for a minimum of 7 nights

  • Accommodation
  • Halfboard
  • Welcome drink
  • Entry and leaving physician examination
  • Laboratory diagnostic tests after medical indication
  • Drinking cure pursuant to physician's recommendation
  • Treatment by nurse (24 hrs)
  • up to 13 Spa Treatments per Week
  • Possibility of dietary therapist advice
  • Free internet access in the room and in public areas
  • Free local transport ticket
  • Free entry in pool, whirlpool bath and sauna
  • incl. all taxes & fees
Sleva 10 % na léčebné programy

Ambulant Medical Spa

Treatment for guests who are not staying with us? No problem!

You can enjoy the first class spa care even if you are not our hotel guest. You can receive ambulant spa treatments in the Hotel Imperial over a minimum period of 6 therapeutic days. Ambulant care can be booked along with various boarding programs.

  • Entry and final medical examination
  • Medical follow-up examination (from 18 therapeutic days)
  • Laboratory diagnostical tests after medical indication (from 12 therapeutic days)
  • up to 18 spa treatments per week pursuant to a medical recommendation
  • Drinking cure pursuant to medical recommendation
  • Free entry to the pool, whirlpool, and sauna
  • Free local transport ticket
  • Possibility of dietary therapist advice (only if half board or full board is ordered)
  • incl. all taxes & fees

For information about prices of ambulant medical spa check the pricelist.

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