MEDISPA is an association of legal persons whose mission is to maintain the good reputation and high quality of spa services in the Karlovy Vary Region and elsewhere in the Czech Republic. The association was founded ten years ago; i.e. at the outset of many small hotels and guest houses which often used their location in a spa environment as a sales pitch. Unfortunately, the spa care and services provided by them were not as sophisticated as proclaimed; e.g. their procedures did not make use of natural medicinal resources, procedures were administered by staff without appropriate suitable training, etc.


The main aim of the MEDISPA association is to ensure the long-term, continual monitoring of the quality of the services provided by spa facilities and of compliance with all valid legal regulations. To do so, the professional board of the association performs reviews of strict certification criteria. If a facility passes the certification process successfully, it receives a membership certificate and stickers with the logo of the association which are then displayed on the door of that respective facility. Clients who choose a hotel or facility with this logo can expect a certain quality of services, specifically, health care provided by specialized physicians and qualified medical staff, nonstop presence of nurses, broad selection of procedures which use local medicinal resources and, last but not least, dietary menus prepared under the guidance of nutritionists.


The MEDISPA brand represents the best the Czech spas can offer. Do not hesitate and book your stay at the Imperial Hotel today.