Procedures using natural healing sources
Procedures using natural healing sources
Procedures using natural healing sources
Procedures using natural healing sources
Procedures using natural healing sources
Procedures using natural healing sources
Procedures using natural healing sources
Procedures using natural healing sources
Procedures using natural healing sources
Procedures using natural healing sources

Procedures using natural healing sources


In general, baths, wraps, inhalation and drinking cure belong to unique procedures which exploit locally available curative resources. The success of the Karlovy Vary spa treatment comes from the extraordinary properties of local mineral water which is obtained from a total of 12 springs with a temperature of 30 to 72°C. The richest, most robust and warmest spring called Hot Spring is supplied right to the balneological center of our hotel. It is used for drinking cure, inhalation, irrigation, baths or water massages. Our procedures also use gases, salts, peat, moor, and mud (peloids) for the application of wraps and baths. Moreover, rejuvenating effects are provided by the very location of our city upon the valley running along the Tepla River. Enjoy a walk at the riverside and let your body and mind relax.

    Inhalation is a suitable method to treat and prevent respiratory diseases. Inhalation of microscopic particles of mineral water produced by means of ultrasound improves lower and upper airway patency and helps to heal mucosal inflammation. Its benefit lies in strong targeted local effects which reach as far as the lower airways. Efficacy depends on the size of aerosol particles and on the contents of administered solutions. Hot spring water makes the effects of inhalation even more powerful.

    Oral irrigation provides an efficient way to manage paradontosis or to prevent its occurrence. A special tool is used to apply pressurized mineral water which massages and rinses the oral cavity including gums. It also has proven healing effects on the mucosa of the oral cavity. Contraindication: It is advised to consult a dentist before application.

    A bath with a peat extract consists of water and genuine peat extract which is rich in a number of organic substances and is added with needle essential oil The bath and the calming effects of the warm water promote overall relaxation and elimination of stress They have beneficial effects on musculoskeletal diseases and during treatment of skin issues.

    The combination of warm mineral water and mineral essences is beneficial for the management of both mobility and mental problems and wonderfully supports relaxation. Depending on the choice of herbs mineral herbal baths are recommended for the management of rheumatism, gout, migraines, dizziness, sleeplessness (lavender), mobility disorders, bronchitis and asthma (dwarf pine); it improves concentration and healing of sprained joints and swellings (lemon grass); it has positive effects on the nervous system as well as calming and relaxing qualities (mint).

    One of traditional spa procedures is a mineral bubble massage bath during which the skin is gently massaged and feels relaxed. It is a beneficial procedure for people with locomotor disorders, neurosis and hypotension. We use only mineral water from local springs which is rich in mineral substances. Contraindication: dermatological mycotic and inflammatory disorders

    A detox bath has beneficial effects on skin disorders, such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and the like In addition, it improves blood supply, metabolism, cellular regeneration and recharges energy.

    Mineral carbon bath is taken in mineral water enriched with carbon dioxide whose absorption invigorates blood supply to the skin and muscles and even to the brain. As a result, the immune system is reinforced and the self-healing properties of the body are enhanced. This procedure also reduces blood pressure and leads to mental relaxation. It is also used during treatment of ischemic and cardiovascular diseases and during the later stages of heart attack treatment.

      A bathtub filled with mineral water enriched with special bath products of your choice brings about overall relaxation, and it helps to diminish mental and physical problems. The relaxing medicinal effects of baths with added bath products depend on a specific extract obtained from clinically tested medicinal plants. Excess stress and sleeplessness is taken care of by lavender or mint and joint and spine pain by dwarf; energy is boosted by lemon grass, etc. Highly concentrated extracts are further added with natural herbal essential oils with a pleasant scent for the body and soul.

    • MUD WRAP
      Peloids, or peat, moor and mud, have an excellent ability to preserve a constant temperature which is used for peloid wraps. The specific warmth of the heated peloid is transferred to the tissues in the treated area; as a result, the local blood supply is improved and the tissues are filled with released medicinal mineral substances. This helps to alleviate the symptoms of the inflammatory, degenerative and post-traumatic disorders of the locomotor system as well as digestive tract disorders; it also promotes better metabolism, helps with the management of airway diseases, urological and gynecological concerns and mental issues.

      Karlovy Vary’s mineral water used for a drinking cure comes from 12 springs, each of them having a different temperature (43 to 72 ˚C) and the amount of gaseous carbon dioxide. Thermal water is drunk before meal, slowly one sip after another, ideally during a walk. A drinking cup contains 2 dl of water and should be drunk over a period of 3−10 minutes, while another cup should be drunk in 5−10 minutes at the earliest. The mineral springs found in Karlovy Vary contain 47 elements which our body needs – they have positive effects on the digestive tract, metabolism, gum diseases, overall health quality improvement and stronger immunity against genetic and everyday stress burdens. The procedures provided by the company Imperial Karlovy Vary use the mineral water obtained from the Hot Spring which is supplied directly to the company’s balneological center.

      An enema is performed using a simple device and mineral water which is used to rinse out the large intestine in order to eliminate undesirable sediments. The procedure is repeated daily and proves helpful in the treatment of chronic constipation and some other bowel diseases.

        Hydrotherapy, or water therapy, is a method of rehabilitation which uses the medicinal effects of water. Mineral thermal water, in particular, alleviates stress and pains and helps muscles relax. Contrast hydrotherapy, or using cold and hot water sprayed under pressure from a nozzle, makes blood circulation faster, supplies skin with blood and makes it feel fresh and firm. The procedure is indicated for the treatment of locomotor system disorders; it fosters physical and mental resistance.

        Partial dry CO2 bath is a procedure during which an affected body part (usually spanning from feet to chest) is closed in a special bag which is then filled with gaseous carbon dioxide. Once the gas is absorbed by skin, the blood supply in the tissues is improved and regeneration and healing processes are thus promoted. Muscular fatigue disappears and blood pressure becomes optimized.