Physical therapy after an injury, in people with locomotor and nervous system disorders, with a poor body posture or wrong motion habits should comprise physical exercise under the guidance of a physiotherapist. Rehabilitation therapy can be performed on an individual or group basis in a gym, or in a swimming pool where water alleviates joints and spine. To loosen the blocked spine or spastic muscles and thus to reduce pain, special massages are applied – manipulation and mobilization carried out by experiences physiotherapists. Manual or mechanical lymph drainage helps to prevent edemas and improve the outflow of the lymph. Gas injections loosen muscles and reduce locomotor system pain.

  • YOGA
    Yoga is an exercise tested by experience of thousands of years. It is holistic, balancing the body, mind and soul. It is suitable for all age groups, does not require any acrobatic skills and even untrained, ill or handicapped persons and convalescents can actively participate. Yoga restores spine flexibility, relaxes irritated nerves, relaxes muscles, revives organs and nerve centres, supports health and longevity. Breathing exercises provide oxygen and energy to every cell, cleanse the body by burning toxins, expel toxins and enhance the nervous system resilience, prevent sleeplessness.

    Aqua Aerobic combines fitness and rehabilitation and focuses on improving general fitness, weight reduction and body shaping. The resistance of the water enhances the intensity of the exercise; the water works provides massaging effects, improves flexibility, body’s defenses and coordination. Joints and cardiovascular system are not strained.

    Swimming pool exercise and swimming provides an ideal combination foe those who want to improve their physical and emotional fitness. During this activity the body has to engage a number of muscular groups at the same time. The water supports the body’s weight and thus spares joints. As a result, the locomotor system is more involved and becomes stronger. This procedure also strengthens the cardiovascular system, provides ample blood supply the skin, fights orange peel skin, and helps to reduce weight. Moreover, the local water promotes better healing of muscles, tendons, bones and joints.

    Group physical therapy includes general fitness exercise and special exercise focused on individual body parts. It is suitable for the management of locomotor and neuro-muscular systems, spinal problems, poor body posture, etc. Exercise under the guidance of an experienced instructor guarantees that the basic program involves all major muscular groups.

    Physical therapy and Pilates combines the elements of yoga, tai-chi and chi-with the components of gymnastics and traditional physical therapy. By coordinating breath and motion, Pilates helps to improve blood circulation, strengthen back muscles, abdominal and thigh muscles and eliminate excess muscular tension. It builds up better suppleness, balance and coordination, and body posture. This exercise is suitable for everyone regardless of age and general fitness.

    Dynamic walk with special Nordic Walking poles can be 50% more effective that regular walk. It burns more calories, releases tension of back and shoulder muscles, improves spinal mobility, and has positive emotional effects. For this outdoor activity you need suitable shoes and clothes. Walking holes can be rented at pour facility. Contraindication: certain cardiovascular diseases, locomotor system disorders, asthma, etc.

    The effects of the drinking cure are markedly improved by exercise, a very effective mode of movement being controlled outdoor walking which stretches and strengthens the muscles and thus contributes to better health physical and mental well-being. The surrounding area of the Imperial Hotel offers ideal walking conditions in spa parks, in the historical center of Karlovy Vary, along the riverbanks of the Tepla, etc.