Physical therapy after an injury, in people with locomotor and nervous system disorders, with a poor body posture or wrong motion habits should comprise physical exercise under the guidance of a physiotherapist. Rehabilitation therapy can be performed on an individual or group basis in a gym, or in a swimming pool where water alleviates joints and spine. To loosen the blocked spine or spastic muscles and thus to reduce pain, special massages are applied – manipulation and mobilization carried out by experiences physiotherapists. Manual or mechanical lymph drainage helps to prevent edemas and improve the outflow of the lymph. Gas injections loosen muscles and reduce locomotor system pain.

Exercise in pool + swimming

Swimming pool exercise and swimming provides an ideal combination foe those who want to improve their physical and emotional fitness. During this activity the body has to engage a number of muscular groups at the same time. The water supports the body’s weight and thus spares joints. As a result, the locomotor system is more involved and becomes stronger. This procedure also strengthens the cardiovascular system, provides ample blood supply the skin, fights orange peel skin, and helps to reduce weight. Moreover, the local water promotes better healing of muscles, tendons, bones and joints.

Contraindication: acute and serious diseases, pregnancy

Group curative exercise

Therapeutic group exercise includes general fitness exercises and special exercises focused on specific needs of the body. It is suitable for musculoskeletal and neuromuscular disorders, spinal disorders, for correction defective posture, etc. Exercising under the guidance of a professional trainer guarantees that the basic assembly will work all the major muscle groups.

Contraindications: heart failure, musculoskeletal diseases, etc.
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