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Three- to five-day wellness stays help to restore physical and mental balance. They prompt healthy drinking, dietary and exercise habits. Karlovy Vary baths in combination with, for instance and aroma massage, provide a perfect relaxation. The Spa Resort Sanssouci has prepared 3-day Romance for Two or Harmony, 4-day Wellness for ladies or gentlemen or Harmony, 5-dya Regeneration Program or a program that is aptly called Energy.


Relaxation, penetration of warmth, calmer heart activity, clearing of airways, and reduced joint and muscle pain are the benefits of sauna treatment during which tired muscles loosen and stressed mind feels at ease because relief-inducing substances are released into blood. Moreover, taking a sauna has beneficial cosmetic effects, makes skin more supple, young and good looking.

Contraindication: some cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, breathing difficulties, acute conditions, pregnancy, etc.


Professional massage reduces fatigue, endorses regeneration, and promotes metabolism and blood supply. It has immediate effects on the physical and mental condition of the client. It also contributes to the better absorption of edemas, effusions and hematoma, it affects muscular tone, and can break tissue adhesions. It has reflexive and marked psychotherapeutic effects.
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