Reflex zone therapy was born in East Asia about 5000 years ago. It focuses on reflex zone points all over the body, yet mainly on the reflex zones of the soles. It has preventive effects and helps to manage acute and chronic issues. It can also complement another therapeutic mode or help to accelerate convalescence.


Pneomupuncture, a reflex zone method with excellent effects on relieving spine and joint pain, is becoming more and more popular. A properly trained technician applies a small amount of carbon dioxide under the skin using a gas injection – application affects the acupuncture points along the spine and joints. Muscular tension and painful conditions affecting the locomotor system subside.

Contraindication: fear of injections, hemorrhagic conditions, inflamed skin in the site of puncture, severe and acute diseases, pregnancy

Foot sole reflex massage

Sole reflex zone massage is a pleasant way to prevent and treat a number of problems. It evokes harmonization of body and mind and it can positively affect depressive episodes. The sensitive massaging touch and pressure of the therapist’s hand reveals the origin of the client’s problems. The procedure is suitable for the treatment of acute and chronic issues, including pain relief.

Contraindication: neurovegetative dystonia, mycotic and inflammatory conditions on the skin of the legs, etc.
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