We are an "IQOS friendly" hotel

Dear Guests, 

We would like to ask you to respect the non-smoking status of our hotel. However, we want all guests to feel comfortable with us. Therefore, in order to improve our services, we are accommodating users of nicotine-free alternatives that do not negatively affect the non-smoking environment.

In our hotel, guests have the opportunity to:

  • Choose an "IQOS friendly" room in the reservation system where products based on the heated tobacco principle - e.g. IQOS - can be used.
  • Smokers of conventional cigarettes can rent and try - during their stay in our hotel - IQOS equipment, which is a better option for adult smokers.  

As a leading spa hotel, we care about healthy lifestyles and therefore want to create an environment that motivates smokers to make an important positive change in their lives and quit smoking or at least choose new and less harmful alternatives to tobacco use.  

In doing so, we also support the city of Karlovy Vary in its efforts to be the first "Smoke-Free City" in the Czech Republic. By focusing on reducing cigarette smoking, this activity aims to promote health, spa and healthy lifestyle in this important European spa town.  

Karlovy Vary

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